The programs offered at Al Ghurair University are of international standards and tailored to meet human resource demand particularly in the GCC countries and around the globe. The degree earned at AGU in emerging disciplines will provide you with the knowledge and critical thinking, communication and practical skills and the experience that employers are looking for, giving you the best opportunity of a bright and successful career. A large number of prospective employers provide internship opportunities to AGU students that open the doors for career in various organizations.

The employability of AGU graduates is high and 85% of the graduates get employment or placement in higher degree programs within six months of their graduation

Academic excellence

As a student at AGU, you will enjoy a high-quality academic environment supported by facilities for extracurricular and cultural activities. The faculty at AGU is from diversified nationalities, highly qualified and experienced.

Local Accreditation – all of the programs offered at AGU are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research UAE.

International Accreditation –Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSEEE) program is accredited by ABET – an international accreditation agency that provides you a chance to pursue higher education abroad seamlessly.

Quality Assurance –AGU has an effective and efficient academic quality assurance process and striving continuously to enhance the quality of its programs by benefiting from the input of external and internal reviewers.

International Recognition

The programs offered at AGU are internationally recognized by other countries;

International Collaborations

The collaborative arrangements of AGU with international universities; Lakehead University, Canada, Birmingham City University, UK, and Universidad Catolica De Murcia, Spain, provide students the opportunities to maximize the value of their education through dual degree programs while pursuing studies at AGU.

The students can earn dual degrees while studying at AGU or can transfer credits to programs in universities which have collaborative arrangements with AGU.

Presently, the students of Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM), Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM), Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs can either transfer credits to or earn Master of Science in Enterprise Systems Management from Birmingham City University, UK while studying at AGU.

The MBA students have the opportunities to have another degree in MBA Sports Management offered by Universidad Catolica De Murcia, Spain.

The students of Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSEEE) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSCSE) can also earn their degrees from Birmingham City University, UK while studying at AGU.

Scholarships and Tuition Loans

The AGU offers a wide range of scholarship up to 100% through different schemes and provides assistance to the students to get 0% interest loans for tuition fees from different banks in UAE to complete their studies.


The admission to academic programs at AGU is very flexible because programs are offered in morning, evening and on weekends. The graduate programs allow entry at any given term in a six-term academic year.

The English language preparatory program (EPP) at AGU is to assist students to gain the required TOEFL qualifications for entry into a program.

The students who have not studies Physics, Chemistry, and/or Mathematics up to Secondary School level have the chances to enter into Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture programs by passing the challenge tests.

State of the art study facilities

The students at AGU will have access to award-winning and state of the art Learning Resources and laboratories for hands on experience, which are broadly regarded as the best among UAE academic institutions. You will also be connected to the university student information system available 24/7 through the Internet and beyond the boundaries of AGU.


The AGU is located in the heart of Academic City near Silicon Oasis with dedicated free parking and conveniently approachable from different Emirates of UAE through Emirates Road (E 611), Dubai – Al Ain Road (E 66), Hatta-Oman road (E 44) and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zaid Road (E 311).